Tony Bjourson


Professor, University of Ulster

Professor Tony Bjourson is Director of the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute (BMSRI) at the University of Ulster.  He currently manages the 240 Researchers within the BMSRI. He obtained his MSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Ulster and his PhD from Queen’s University Belfast. He has over 28 years of research experience in a diverse range of molecular biological/genomic projects and he has published extensively in peer-reviewed molecular biology journals.  Professor Bjourson currently serves as a Director on the boards of two companies; the Clinical Translation Research & Innovation Centre (C-TRIC) based in L/Derry aimed at translating biomedical research outputs from laboratory bench to patient bedside. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Ulster venture company Innovation Ulster Ltd. His current research is focused on genomics based personalised medicine in the area of cancer and autoimmune disease and pharmacogenomic. He also is a Steering Committee member of the Northern Ireland Biobank, a Council Member of the Irish Society for Clinical genetics. He is also highly committed to economic regeneration in Ireland and the North West region in particular; he was a founding member of the North West Science & Technology Partnership (NWSTP) and the Clinical Translational Research & innovation Centre (C-TRIC).